A hitchhiker’s guide to Friendship

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Friendship is a weird thing. You find a stranger, you can relate most of your feelings and weird habits and bam, Best Friends Forever. But it does come with a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Wanna make sure that you people stay friends for life and plan to attend each other’s wedding, just try to stick to some unsaid rules of friendship.
1. Do not ever mix friendship, money and business: These can complicate your relationship with friends. You either get too involved in business or friendship. You need to understand that both of them requires an amount of attention that cannot be mixed or you will lose both. But if it’s inevitable, then better lay some ground rules and discuss it beforehand.
2. You are not allowed to date the same person: Never forget this. If your friend has dated someone before and you suddenly fall in love with the same person, just back off or its time you decide which is dearer to you. If your friend is more logical than this, talk to them about the same and clear the air.
3. Never ignore each other when you get in a relationship: they say,” girlfriends and boyfriends come and go, but friends always stick till the end.” We understand that falling in love is a feeling that cannot be beaten, but you need to give and dedicate enough time and attention to both. You cannot ignore either and then crumble into an emotional breakdown and have nobody, in the end, to talk to.
4. You need to keep those secrets, SECRETS!: There is a reason there are sharing things only with you. If they needed to tell people, they would have shared that on Facebook.
5. You should have a similar list of people you hate: If your friend hates someone, you hate them too. Goes unsaid.
6. You need to care for each other when you guys are drunk: You people need to make sure that both of you gets home safe and your parents don’t know that you guys have been drinking.
7. Co-author of each other’s texts: You need to help what and when to reply. You need to brainstorm with them and help them answer or annoying text or find the love of their life in a Whatsapp group.
8. You guys need to stick through all those fights: Fights about Boys/Girls to Food, you need to come back to each other.


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