The day I met an Atheist.

The day I met an Atheist.

All my life, I always believed in God (We all are made to believe that there is one). I changed my beliefs twice by switching from one religion to another. But the person I met, was an extraordinary one who not only challenged my faith but showed me the logical side of his non-beliefs. A normal conversation turned out to be an eye-opener for a person who always thought that everyone believed in something, be it any god. This particular human answered my question of ‘What’s your religion?’ by an answer that I never heard before. He simply answered, ’oh, I don’t believe in one’. I wasn’t amazed by his answer, but his logical side to it. He further asked me whether is it mandatory for every human to think that there is someone who is an ultimate creator of the universe and he has some rules on how to live your life. I was rendered speechless but,’ No, it is not compulsory. But you must believe in something?’ He laughed. I had a strong belief that he must be an ardent science follower who could reason me by ultimately giving me the ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Amazingly, he answered, ‘Yes, I do believe in humanity. I do believe in not following stupid ancient traditions that fail to adapt to changing timing and are omnipresent just to push us backwards. I fail to accept the fact that there needs to be someone superior to us humans who is carefully watching us and will punish us for our wrong deeds. And most importantly, I do not care what everybody believes in, a religion is not a trend that everybody needs to follow.’ I was stunned, nobody in my life of 20 years gave me this logical answer to a simple question I asked. This statement of his did not reduce my faith by an inch. But it did make me realise the fact that we need someone, an imaginary super power even though it does exist without any proof, to act as ‘HUMANS’. It’s not wrong to have faith in concepts of Altruism, acts of random kindness and symbiotic relationships from every human to animal. He simply believed in himself and these elementary concepts of how to live a happy life, even without a faith in gods.


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